Bmw I3 Battery Upgrade

The BMW i3 has mainly seen relatively small incremental upgrades and big battery cell updates since its launch back in 2013. Now the all-electric car is rumored to get another battery cell upgrade to push the range over 200 miles. The news comes from BMW-focused German website BimmerToday, which has released exc ...

Now BMW has announced a major boost in battery capacity for the 2019 i3. Cell capacity has been increased to 120 ampere hours (Ah) and gross energy content to 42.2 kWh. The new battery offers a range of 223 miles (214 for the sportier i3s) on the generous NEDC test cycle, or 192 miles on the newer and more realistic WLTP cycle.

Bmw I3 Battery Upgrade >> Does The Bmw I3 Battery Upgrade Make Sense

Bmw I3 Battery Upgrade >> Does The Bmw I3 Battery Upgrade Make Sense

Bmw I3 Battery Upgrade >> Does The Bmw I3 Battery Upgrade Make Sense

Bmw I3 Battery Upgrade >> Does The Bmw I3 Battery Upgrade Make Sense

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